DIY recipe for peppermint and rose lip balm

DIY Peppermint & Rose Lip Balm

January 25, 2018

I am so obsessed with lip balms, especially this time of year when the cooler weather is just brutal all around for skincare. I have a couple brands of lip balm that I really like but knowing how easy it is to make (and how much cheaper it is per tube of lip balm) it myself, it’s hard to steer away from doing my own. Plus making lip balm is super simple and takes a minimal amount of ingredients.  Once you have those items on hand, you can literally make enough for yourself, family, and friends for a year or more.

Once you have the baseline ingredients, you can change out the essential oils to whatever you prefer. For this recipe, I chose peppermint and rose oil because it’s kind if my jam right now. I also threw in a few drops of rosehip and vitamin e oil for extra conditioning.

Bonus, if you’re in a bind with a peeling nose (like mine does every time I get a cold because I have to blow it every five minutes) you can put a little on your finger and rub it in to get some soothing relief and help prevent the peeling from getting worse.

A quick step to address before you get started with the lip balm recipe is to sanitize the plastic tubes before use. I simply pull all the pieces apart, put on my kettle until boiling and pour over them. Strain and then let dry completely.

Add the three main ingredients in a glass bowl and I recommend purchasing a separate rubber spatula for when your making this recipe or any skincare products. I’ve included a link for a small one that I use, along with every product I used for the specific lip balm recipe. Feel free to use other brands, this is just what I use at home.

The amount of essential oils added is really up to you (I prefer a hint of the peppermint and rose oil) but I would start on the lower end so that it doesn’t come out too strong if this is your first time making lip balm.

The last step is take a dropper and add your melted lip balm mixture into the plastic tubes. I normally fill almost to the top and then by the time you get them all filled, you will see a bit of a dip where the mixture has settled. I go back and add a few more drops just to get it to the very top. This recipe makes roughly 15 – 16 tubes of lip balm.

Leave to set on the counter for at least 20-30 minutes, then add caps on and place in a sealed bag in the fridge to store until ready for use.

Ingredients & Tools
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Peppermint Oil 
Vitamin E Oil
 Rosehip Oil
Rose Absolute Oil
Rubber Spatula
Plastic Lip Balm Tubes
Glass Dropper


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