Hey there! I’m Jolenna and as a disclaimer: This website is a smorgasbord of recipes, art, graphic design, family and crafts, I am no expert. I’m simply a passionate and ambitious person who’s found a few things that help me as a busy working designer and illustrator, momma, and aspiring food stylist.

In my website, you’ll find simple (but delicious) recipes and beautiful (but easy) plating techniques to present to friends and family (or just for your precious eyes and tummy when you want to TREAT. YO. SELF.) I love to create my own recipes and test out others that sound too amazing not to try. I’ll share my favorites with you and even my failed attempts at glory because that is reality in my daily life.

You’ll also find some tips for crafts that I’ve experimented with and have actually worked, YAY!  Alongside those topics, I share family moments, personal artwork, graphic design portfolio and anything useful that I discover along the way. I adore sharing these things with my friends and family! I hope you’ll follow along and find some ways to simplify  your life a little more.


October 10, 2017