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    DIY recipe for peppermint and rose lip balm

    DIY Peppermint & Rose Lip Balm

    January 25, 2018

    I am so obsessed with lip balms, especially this time of year when the cooler weather is just brutal all around for skincare. I have a couple brands of lip balm that I really like but knowing how easy it is to make (and how much cheaper it is per tube of lip balm) it myself, it’s hard to steer away from doing my own. Plus making lip balm is super simple and takes a minimal amount of ingredients.  Once you have those items on hand, you can literally make enough for yourself, family, and friends for a year or more. Continue reading…

    Placemats Transformed – Hanging Wall Art

    October 18, 2017

    I love, love, love this style of hanging wall art but they are hard to find or quite expensive. With the amount of work that is put into pieces similar to this one, I completely understand why they’re priced to reflect the beauty and time invested. However, I am currently on a budget, splurging on a household esthetic upgrade is not really an option for me. This is both a little sad but also helpful in seeing opportunities to get crafty.

    A few weeks ago while shopping at @marshalls (shocker, retail therapy perfection) I found these placemats in a clearance bin for only $6 each! I wasn’t sure how to utilize them in a hanging piece at first but I knew I could figure it out once I got them home. I found this old wooden stick to a broom or lawn tool and then it all started to come together. So I literally just tied one end of tassels to the stick and on the bottom side, I cut each one into a gradual point. I might even sand the broom stick down and stain it a darker color for more contrast but the entire project cost me $18 and now I have a cool piece of wall art!